September 26, 2023

The Power of Voice in Sports Coaching

Lead your team without losing your voice 😉 🎧 In this week’s episode 6 of Voice: Behind the Scenes, join me and my long-term friend and […]
September 12, 2023

How can I assess the quality of my voice?

”Is Your Voice Meeting Your Expectations? 🙃” 🎧 Join me today for episode 5 of Voice: Behind the Scenes where I’ll guide you to find whether […]
August 29, 2023

Unleashing the Power of Voice in PhD Presentations

“What if… technical presentations weren’t boring?”😏 This was one of the many topics discussed on Episode 4 | S6: “Unleashing the Power of Voice in PhD […]
August 15, 2023

Can our Voice Really Change?

🌟 Let’s keep exploring the fascinating world of voice transformation! 🎤 🎙️ Welcome to Season 6 of Your Voice Matters Podcast, Ep.3: Can our voice really […]