How to voice your value as an introvert

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April 4, 2023
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July 19, 2023

How to voice your value as an introvert

🎙️ In the final episode of the fifth season of “Your Voice Matters” Podcast, I had a chat with David Mendes, speaker and host of the Papa PhD Podcast. 👥🎧

💡With a Phd in cell biology and over a decade of experience in medical and science communication, David shared with us his experience and some strategies to effectively Voice Your Value. 💬

🗣️ Join our conversation as we discuss the myth of extroverts being better communicators, unique communication skills developed through podcasting, ways to effectively communicate your thoughts and ideas to others, express yourself and make your voice heard and ways to overcome the discomfort of networking. 🤝👥

Tune in now to listen and unlock your full potential. 🔓👂

Are you an introvert? Share your thoughts in the comments! 💭

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