S3 | EP #7 – Fighting the Meeting Syndrome w/ Dr. Madeleine Dehauke

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August 25, 2021
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S3 | EP #7 – Fighting the Meeting Syndrome w/ Dr. Madeleine Dehauke

Dr. Madeleine Dehauke is my dear guest on this 7th episode!

Madeleine is the CEO and founder of Business4Good, a company she founded in 2018 with the mission to cure leadership and collaboration problems through diagnosis and treatment of Meeting Syndrome.

Having a medical degree from Imperial College London she worked in the chemical & medical industries over two decades and lived in three continents.

Now she is an Executive and Life Coach and a Collective Intelligence Facilitator and dedicates her time helping professionals to avoid the waste of time, energy and potential of brilliant minds from endless meetings.

She is known as the Meetings Doctor 🩺 🚑

In this episode we talk about the root causes of the meeting syndrome (too many meetings/not productive) how can we avoid it. Madeleine will provide us suggestions/advices for leaders to promote an healthy communication. 

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