Amplifying Youth Voices in Politics

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May 20, 2024
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June 17, 2024

Amplifying Youth Voices in Politics

🎙️ Season 7, Episode 8: “Amplifying Youth Voices in Politics” with Rhia Lopes

It’s an honor to receive my guest Rhia Lopes and dive into topics that give VOICE to political literacy among the youth! 🗣️💫

Rhia studied Public Relations and then went on to study International Relations & European Politics. More recently, she completed a second master’s in European Legal Studies.

She currently works at the European Parliament as a Parliamentary Assistant. She is now running as a candidate for the European Elections for the pan-European party ‘Volt’ on behalf of Portugal. In this episode, we explore:

🌟 Rhia’s unique journey into politics.

🗳️ The challenges and barriers preventing young people from engaging more in politics.

🌱 Youth-led initiatives impacting political decisions and societal change.

📢 Strategies to ensure young voices are heard and respected by political institutions.

🔄 The intersection of politics and activism in youth engagement.

🔑 Rhia’s top 3 recommendations for those considering engaging in politics.

🔗 How to connect with Rhia and learn more about Volt.

🔗 Connect with Rhia on her social media platforms and learn more about her journey with Volt.

Instagram – @rhialopes

Enjoy the podcast and let yourself be inspired to make your contribution to the difference! 💪

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