The Power of Voice on Digital Content Creation

How to unlock learning with your voice?
October 17, 2023
How Owning Your Voice Fuels Career Growth
November 21, 2023

The Power of Voice on Digital Content Creation

Your content creation needs your voice? 🧐

🎧 On episode 8 of Voice: Behind The Scenes, I had the pleasure of speaking with Filipa Maia, a Digital Business Strategist and Content Creator based in Oregon, USA.

Filipa’s dedicated to helping entrepreneurs and coaches craft strategic brands that truly resonate with their audience’s.

🎙️ Join us, as we discuss the details of digital content and the transformative power of voice and…

📢 The challenges that content creators face regarding their voice.

📢 The time that Filipa decided to get help to record her videos

📢 The effects of her pregnancy in her voice

📢 How she never had issues with her voice again

And much more!

About my special guest:

🎤 Filipa is a Digital Business Strategist & Content Creator (podcast, online courses and memberships)

🎤 Lives in the USA with her family since 2021

🎤 Filipa’s mission is to help entrepreneurs and coaches craft intentional brands and strategies.

You can find more about Filipa here:

🤳Instagram (@academiadenegociodigital)

🤳Instagram (

Join us for another insightful episode very soon, and always remember: Your Voice Matters 🗣️✨!

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