S3 | EP #6 – Backstage stories w/ Ioana Jongsma

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Agosto 11, 2021
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Outubro 19, 2021

S3 | EP #6 – Backstage stories w/ Ioana Jongsma

My dear guest on this third episode is @Ioana Jongsma

⭐ Communication and public speaking coach with 13 years of experience in the executive, policy and start-up spaces.

⭐ She started as a trainer of business English for companies, at 18 years old.

⭐  Moved to Denmark in 2017 and joined TEDxOdense as a speaker coach and curator of TEDxOdenseWomen.

⭐ Based in Denmark, acting globally – now working with keynote speakers, TEDx speakers, start-up founders, and European Commission staff.

⭐ She has the mission to help speakers find their words.

In this episode she demystified public speaking and shared great "behind the scenes" stories of various TEDx speakers. 

Find out more about Ioana Jongsma:


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